Explore Kampala City While Staying At Ntinda Cheap Apartments

Bustling Kampala makes a good introduction to Uganda and can be explored as you stay at our Ntinda cheap apartments. Kampala is a dynamic and engaging city, with few of the hassles of other East African capitals and several worthy attractions to keep you occupied for a couple of days as you enjoy the diverse Kampala city tour.

Things to do in & around Kampala

Ndere cultural centre. If you’re interested in traditional dance and music, try to catch a dinner-theatre performance of the Ndere Troupe at Ndere Centre. It showcases dances from many of Uganda’s tribal groups with high-energy shows taking place in a 700-seat amphitheatre on Sundays at 6pm, Wednesday at 7pm and Fridays afro-jazz from 7pm.

National theatre. There’s a quality program of music, film, dance and drama performances in the theatre itself, but most travellers come here for the popular, free nightly outdoor events. Grab a beer and a chair and catch an informal open-stage jam on Monday evenings, African drumming on Tuesdays or comedy night on Thursdays, where the merriment is in English and Luganda.

Namugongo martyrs shrines. This basilica is dedicated to 22 young Christian congregants who were brutally murdered between 1885-1887 by Kabaka Mwanga for their allegiance to christianity. They were beatified in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV and later canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1964.

Bulange royal building. A great place to learn about the history and culture of the Buganda Kingdom; guided tours take you inside the parliament building, providing interesting stories and details about the 56 different clans.

Mengo palace. Built in 1922, this small palace is the former home of the king of Buganda, though it has remained empty since 1966 when Prime Minister Milton Obote ordered a dramatic attack to oust Kabaka Mutesa II, then president of Uganda. The building’s interior cannot be visited, but the notorious underground prison.

Kabaka’s lake. It located in Ndeeba, between Ring Road and Nabunya Road.This Lake was dug out on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga in the 1880 as an ‘escape corridor’ to Lake Victoria. This is the largest excavated lake in Africa.

Kasubi royal tombs. The Unesco World Heritage–listed Kasubi Tombs are of great significance to the Buganda kingdom as the burial place of its kings and royal family.

The Independence monument. The Independence Monument, standing majestically at a height of 6 metres, is a must see if you are travelling to Kampala.

Baha’i Temple. Visit the mother Temple of the Bahai faith in Africa. And just like the faith it represents, the Bahai temple is no ordinary house of worship. Sitting on 52 acres of land, the temple is a unique architectural master piece.

Rubaga cathedral. The huge building was restored for the Pope’s visit of Uganda. It has great historical significance in the history of the catholic church.

Gadaffi mosque. The mosque is the major feature on the oldest hill in the city offering unrivalled 360 degrees views of Kampala from the Minaret. The Mosque is regarded as the largest in Africa, reputed to have enough space to accommodate 35,000 worshippers at any one time. Be prepared to change your style as ladies will be required to experience and dress in long skirts and headscarf.

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