Find Cheap Apartments in Ntinda – Kampala

If you’re moving to Uganda for leisure, work or study and you’re looking to rent cheap apartments in Kampala, then it may be worthwhile to consider staying at our fully furnished and serviced yet cheap apartments in Ntinda.

The Uganda’s capital is one of the most popular leisure and business in the East African destinations, so renovated, furnished, securely located cheap apartments to rent are not so easy to find, due to the increasing demand by travelers on budget.


A 1-bedroom apartment in Ntinda Cheap Apartments goes for US$1,000 per month. The place actually looks decent and has had a recent renovation. Move in with your significant other and this apartment becomes a serious steal.

A 2-bedroom apartment in Ntinda Cheap Apartments goes for US$ 1,200 per month. This is the perfect place for travelers with families. Furnished and serviced apartments with ensuite bathroom making your stay in Kampala a a memorable experience to remember a life-time.

The Ntinda Cheap Apartments can also be rent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to allow the traveler enjoy your Uganda holiday.

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